Monday, May 7, 2012

My book is FREE today! Plus a recipe for veggie enchiladas...

For today and tomorrow only, you can get my book, Cooking Without Measuring: Taste and Approximate Yourself to a Great Dish, for free right here!

If you miss the free promo days, you can always get it the next day for 99 cents, so I wouldn't worry too much.  The real worry is that I'll get rich and famous and start raising my prices in a few months :).

Since you're such an awesome reader, here's a special enchilada recipe for you.  It's actually what I'm making for dinner tonight.

Easy Veggie Enchiladas

Salsa, mild
Corn tortillas
Mozzarella cheese
Toppings/fillings: chopped green onion, fresh herbs, sour cream, guacamole, etc.

In the bottom of a large sauce pan, spoon a medium-thick layer of salsa.  Lay the tortillas flat on a counter and sprinkle some cheese and desired fillings in each one.  Roll up tortillas and nestle in the salsa on the outside circle of the pan - try to avoid the middle.  You will probably need to make a second layer of rolled-up tortillas; this is fine.  Just avoid placing them in the middle as they will burn.  Sprinkle the rolled tortillas lightly with more salsa and cheese and cover the pan with a lid.  Turn up the heat to very low and cook gently until cheese is melted and salsa is bubbling slightly.  Serve warm with desired toppings. 

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